Summer Gigs!

As summer draws nearer we know we are all getting just a little bit excited for days spent on the beach, shorts, tans, and most importantly of all: summer gigs! Rixton has already began dropping worldwide summer dates and we’re excited about every single one of them.

**UK Summer Dates
June 22 – Sunderland @ Stadium of Light – UK Live North East
June 28 – Ipswich @ Chantry Park – UK Live East Coast
June 29 – Weston-super-Mare – UK Live South West

July 5 - Birmingham @ Alexander Stadium - Wireless Festival
July 6 - London @ Finsbury Park - Wireless Festival


**US Summer Dates
May 7 – Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater – Z100′s One Night Stand
May 9 – San Diego, CA @ Sleep Train Amphitheater – Channel 933′s Summer Kick Off Concert
May 13 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy (Sold Out)
May 15 – Chicago, IL @ Rosemont Theater – Kiss 103.5′s Fantabuloso
May 16 – Minneapolis, MN – KDWB 101.3 Star Party
May 17Columbus, OH @ The Basement
May 20 - Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge 

May 23 - Las Vegas, NV @ The Cosmopolitan
May 24 - Las Vegas, NV @ The Cosmopolitan
May 25 - Las Vegas, NV @ The Cosmopolitan
May 28 – New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall (Sold Out)
May 31 – Boston, MA @ Xfinity Center – Kiss 108 Summer Concert

August 9 – Kansas City, KS @ Starlight Theater – Mix 93.3 presents Red, White, & Boom!|

Me & My Broken Heart (One Take) for Nylon Magazine

Unless you’ve been living under really big rock (or actively avoiding good music), then hopefully by now you’ve already memorized the words to Rixton’s irresistible single “Me and My Broken Heart.” It’s only been three weeks since the video for the addictive track debuted, but since then the Brit boys have amassed close to two million views and a massive fan army to show for it. Oh, and that whole “broken heart” thing?Let’s just say it’s doubtful these guys still have much of an issue.

It doesn’t matter if you’re listening for the first time or the hundredth–this is a pop anthem so good, just one video isn’t enough. So the guys hit up YouTube Space in LA to record a one-take clip, shooting the entire thing in a consecutive sequence. Talk about pressure, right? Just take it from lead singer Jake Roche: “Shooting a video for “Me And My Broken Heart” in one take was insane! We had so much fun and can’t believe we managed to pull it off,” they told us. “We had to catch a flight and were down to the very last minute but the crew was awesome and made it all possible.”

Check out the one-take video, shot by YouTube creator Kurt Hugo Schneider below, then listen to more Rixton here. 

Vevo Lift Presents Hotel Ceiling

Me and My Broken Heart EP on Spotify

The wait is over! Rixton’s #MAMBH EP is now available on Spotify!

Interview with DirectLyrics


1. Your now-manager Scooter Braun discovered you through your YouTube videos, and eventually signed you to his record label. Describe the day you got ‘the call’ from him. And, did you give his signing offer an ‘easy yes’?

Jake & Charley: We were in the studio in London, a very small studio in West London. It was like a shed in a back garden. We just got this random phone call from America. None of us have family there or anything so we were quite confused, but he said he was flying to London in the next 24 hours and he wants to meet us. It was just the most insane thing ever. I may have even shed a tear. But yeah we met him the next day in London in this studio. He was only meant to stay for half an hour to an hour as he had meetings but he cancelled them all and stayed there for 6 hours! We just chatted about everything and we played all our songs for him and he seemed to really like them.

2. In your pre-fame days, you covered a lot of other artists’ hits on your YouTube channel. At the time, did you do that for fun or hoping these covers would grab the attention from someone in A&R?

Jake & Charley: No, not really it was more because we enjoyed the songs and enjoyed playing them and they had a good vibe in the studio. So we recorded them and stuck them online and they ended up getting attention. It was more about songs we loved, stuff like the “Thong Song,” Obviously it’s a fun song but we just loved the melodies and we grew up listening to that sort of style, that R&B style so we thought let’s do our own take on it.

3. Scooter opened you the doors of Interscope Records. How does it feel to be part of a family that includes Lady Gaga or Robin Thicke?

Jake: It’s pretty mind blowing. Very unreal it feels like. Absolutely, Eminem as well, he’s on there. People like Robin Thicke, I mean one of my favourite songs is “Lost Without You” and with Gaga it goes without saying she’s just a huge worldwide superstar, you love Gaga don’t you Charley?

Charley: Love Gaga mate, she’s absolutely brilliant. So it’s just great to be on the same Roster as them and hopefully you know we can kind of live up to that level of expertise.

4. How would you describe Rixton’s sound in a few words?

Jake: Terrible, no just kidding.

Danny: R&B based, harmony driven, guitar band with soul.

Charley: Perfect

5. And what do you think sets you apart from other bands that are on the radio right now?

Jake: We focus a lot on the instrumentation side of things, we’ve been playing since we were kids and you know, focusing on harmonies a lot as all four of us sing, so yeah it’s very harmony driven. The main sort of cross over for us is the R&B.

Charley: With Soul.

Jake: We are a band and there’s not that many R&B, pop rock bands out there and we feel we fit into that pocket.

6. You released last Fall an original song called “Make Out” and its music video was exceptionally hilarious. What were the most fun anecdotes from the shooting?

Charley: It was all fun.

Jake: I think it was all the cross-dressing and getting naked.

7. And, was there any other music video you would have wanted to spoof but couldn’t?

Jake: We kind of did the biggest videos in 2013. We felt they were the biggest ones.

Charley: I would have quite liked to do the Blink 182 one where they were trashing everything and smashing all the cars up that would have been quite fun.

Jake: But yeah we just wanted to do the biggest videos of 2013, I think they were.

Charley: “Earth Song” [Michael Jackson]

8. “Make Out” was hilarious, but now in your official first single “Me and My Broken Heart”, you get a little serious. It’s been dubbed as ‘very early Maroon 5’, and a good pop song. Why did you feel “Me and My Broken Heart” was the perfect first single over other songs?

Charley: Its got such a universal sound and feel about it that anyone can relate to it lyrically and musically its not to harsh to the ears . It’s very pop, very soulful, very catchy.

9. Can you share some insight to the writing process for the song?

Jake: We got a guy called Rob Thomas involved who’s a big influence of ours and obviously Benny Blanco and it was the last song we recorded for the album as well so we kind of knew the direction we were taking for the record itself. We just kind of sat down, blasted it through and it became the first single.

10. You recently premiered the music video for “Me and My Broken Heart” online. Explain for us the ‘poker game scam’ treatment. How did that come along?

Charley: Well we had a chat with the director and we wanted to create a Guy Ritchie sort of feel, Lock Stock, Snatch, British vibe going so we decided to go with an underground poker tournament where we all got scammed by….really hot chicks and Jake ended up winning.

Jake: Yep I did! I won the girl and I won the money!

11. Rixton released on March 18th, 2014 a four-song EP. Why releasing an EP before your full-length debut? And, are you happy with the performance it is having thus far? What are fans telling you?

Jake: It’s crazy because when you first start writing it and singing it and stuff it’s like you kind of dream of the day when people hear it and hear the songs on the radio. The reaction we’ve had has just been so overwhelming. Especially as it’s so eclectic. There’s something for everyone on there we feel. The first time we heard it on the radio was just insane.

12. What was the writing process like with Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco on “Hotel Ceiling?”

Lewi: It was a huge honour for someone like that to wanna write for us.

Jake: I think even if he’d just done something like twinkle twinkle little star for us we would have said yes because we love Ed.

13. Part of your promotional schedule had you perform a show at SXSW recently. And you were surprised by Justin Bieber (who’s also managed by Scooter). What are your thoughts on him?

Charley: We love Justin Bieber. We have only met him a few times and every time he has been a really really nice lad and we have hung out and played games and just had a good chat and he’s been really cool.

14. Has he given you any career advice?

Charley: He’s very hard working and he’s constantly in the studio.

Jake: Even when we finished with him that night at SXSW he went straight to the studio and I think he’s got to where he is by just hard work and dedication so that’s definitely something we can take from him. He’s also great with his fans and we take that on board.

- Source

Vevo Lift – Get to Know Rixton

#MAMBH Live Exclusively from Yahoo!

Check out this live version of Me and My Broken Heart thanks to Yahoo! and Vevo Lift

Talk Music Idols with

When it comes to boy bands there are two distinct classes: the Beatles and Motown. The former play their own instruments and write their own songs, while the latter are strictly singers who tend to tap into a school of top quality songwriters. Both classes, of course, made legendary music, offering a blueprint for all of their disciples.

In theory, Rixton are firmly in the Beatles camp. They’re a band made up of British lads who play their own instruments, yet lead singer Jake Roche surprised us when he said, in the band’s interview with, that Motown’s wunderkind Michael Jackson is his real hero. “Probably because I dance like him a lot,” he said. Verdict’s still out on that one.

The guys recently released the video for their first single, “Me and My Broken Heart,” off their debut EP, Me and My Broken Heart, and lead guitarist Charley Bagnall told us his biggest broken heart was for Jared Leto. Well, not really, but the guys did say they depend on each other to get through the heartache and bassist Danny Wilkin did admit to locking himself in a room for six weeks to write depressing songs after a break up.

Rixton also told us about their musical idols, which range from Meatloaf to Marilyn Manson, how they were all mere teenagers when they first started writing music and admit that they’re still not entirely convinced that being in a band is a viable career option. But they’re not going to stop belivin’.
Watch the interview above.

By Courtney E. Smith

- Source

Hollywire Interview at #MAMBH Party


Vevo Lift #AskRixton


Ask Rixton 

JoJo in a Car featuring Rixton!


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April 21 - Manchester, UK
April 22 - London, UK

May 07 - Portland, OR
May 09 - San Diego, CA
May 13 - Los Angeles, CA
May 15 - Chicago, IL
May 16 - Minneapolis, MN
May 17 - Columbus, OH
May 23 - Las Vegas, NV
May 24 - Las Vegas, NV
May 25 - Las Vegas, NV
May 28 - New York, NY
May 31 - Boston, MA

June 22 - UK Live @ Sunderland
June 28 - UK Live @ Ipswich
June 29 - UK Live @ North Somerset

July 05 - Alexander Stadium, Birmingham
July 06 - Finsbury Park, London

August 9 - Kansas City, KS

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